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  • 25-40% earnings on all sales paid weekly
  • 25% discounted pricing on all products
  • Ready-to-use e-commerce website
  • Help others live better with products that promote hormone health
  • Be a part of the $1.3 trillion wellness market
  • Celebrate with a community of like-minded individuals sharing in the same mission to better themselves
Join our mission. Spread the word. Earn 25-40% Commission.
Sara and Ben Jensen

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We founded Hugh & Grace after our 14-year struggle with unexplained infertility, where we learned that harmful chemicals found in everyday products impact our hormones and health. Incredibly, two family members volunteered to be our surrogates. We created Hugh & Grace to provide natural, powerful, versatile wellness solutions that help support hormone health, so other people could benefit from our experience.

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Ben & Sara

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The Possibilities Set

The Possibilities Set

Hydrate + Detox / Pure Marine Collagen Peptides / 30-Day Morning Supplements / 30-Day Night Supplements / Face Serum / Body Oil / Bath & Body Salts / Cleansing Bar / Dry Brush / Gua Sha / Body Polish / Lip Mask / Cleaning Concentrate Set / Advocate Enrollment

The Best Sellers Set

Best Sellers Set

Cleaning Concentrate Set / Hydrate + Detox / Pure Marine Collagen Peptides / Night Serum / Body Oil / Lip Mask / Body Polish / Advocate Enrollment

The Wellness Set

Wellness Set

Hydrate + Detox Wellness Elixir / Pure Marine Collagen Peptides / 60-Day Night Supplement / 60-Day Morning Supplement / Advocate Enrollment

Skincare Set

Body Oil / Face Serum / Night Serum / Cleansing Bar / Advocate Enrollment

The HG Home Set

HG Home Set

3 Cleaning Concentrates / 2 Refillable Multi-Purpose Glass Sprayers / 2 Refillable Deep Clean Glass Sprayers / Advocate Enrollment

Quote from Rachel Zoe - I immediately fell in love with Hugh and Grace Products.
As seen in The Zoe Report, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Coleteur, Realself, Byrdie, and USA Today.